L. David Mech "Dave"

How to Become a Biologist

Dave Mech with moose calves.To prepare for becoming a wolf biologist, take as many math and science courses as possible in high school. English and typing are also important. Choose a college or university with a strong program in wildlife management, biology, zoology, ecology, or conservation biology. Check the Internet for those close to you. A Bachelor’s and Masters or Ph.D. degree will be necessary. The following universities have such programs, but there are many more: Cornell, Purdue, University of Wisconsin, University of Montana, University of Michigan, University of Idaho, and University of Minnesota.

In your spare time, gain experience with hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing and other outdoor pursuits.

Many people must compete for few jobs, so it takes persistence and hard study. But you will find it worthwhile.

Good luck.

L. David Mech
Senior Research Scientist
U.S. Geological Survey